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Head office: Yangzhou, China

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WINTECH, as a reliable strategic partner of domestic manufacturers and good cooperator of global TPIs, it offered their contributions in many projects over fields of oil & gas, new energy, structural steel, nuclear power, ship building and offshore project.

l Oil & Gas- WINTECH is a special technical service provider for the oil and gas industry. We help to design, build, install and operate oil and gas onshore, maritime and offshore assets to ensure safety, sustainability and superior value. Our mainly expertise includes: offshore platforms, onshore Rig and Engineering ship, Jacket, Power plant construction.

l Piping-WINTECH takes the leading position in inspection work of the following tubes: OCTG (casing and tubing) and line pipe, drill pipe, stainless steel pipe, 3PE and 3PP coating of line pipe. Inspection of new and used OCTG is performed in compliance with API, ASTM standards (such as API SPEC 5CT, API SPEC 5B and API SPEC 5L) or client's requirements.

l Valves- WINTECH takes the leading position in inspection work of the following various type of valves. Mainly action including tightness test, pressure test, dimension inspection, RT film review, marking, coating, package.

l New energy- New energy inspection services support wind energy producers and manufacturers, nuclear equipment & plant construction. The main products include Wind turbine, Gear Box Blades, Tower, Steam Generator, Reactor Vessel and the other equipments.

l Anti-Corrosion in sour service: WINTECH not only offer special HIC&SSC test process monitor but also can conduct HIC&SSC test at subsidiary company in according to ISO and NACE specification.